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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 30, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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next. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: the man you are about to meet is a critical player in arizona for four reasons: he's the attorney general of arizona. two, he's a democrat running for governor. he wants to unseat governor brewer. three, he's against the new immigration law. and four, despite the fact he's against the new law he says he thinks arizona can beat a lawsuit if the feds sue. attorney general goddard joins us live from phoenix, good evening. >> good evening, how are you? >> i'm well. >> it is hot out here. >> greta: it is pretty hot out there in more ways than one. one is the new illegal immigration law. a couple of quick questions. does 1070 call for racial profiling? >> of course it does not.
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i never would have stood up to defend it. the bottom line here is that as jan brewer has said it didn't help protect the border. that has to be job one here. as i said it is hot, one of our pressing problems, i've been working on it now for 7 1/2 years to stop the organized criminals that are penetrating our border. >> greta: you john brennan from the white house, and yesterday in phoenix. what did he tell you the white house is going to do about securing that border? >> i met with the national security adviser john brennan in tucson with about 70 members of law enforcement. basically he came to talk to us about what the problems were from the folks who were doing the fighting. the folks who are at the frontlines. it was about four hours of intense discussion about what is going right, what is going wrong and where this
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administration could do a better job of helping us secure the border. the bottom line is, it was all about us talking to him. it wasn't him talking to us. >> greta: seems like there's a lot of talk and not a lot of product. this has been going on for sometime. even back to president reagan in 1986, a lot of chatter, from candidates who run for president. i'm beyond the talking stage. it is nice that he listened did he say mr. goddard this is what i'm going to do, tell the president do this for arizona? >> it was a closed meeting so i can't talk about the specifics. he had some deliverables. he a promise of 600 million dollars for border security additional emergency requests by the administration. he came to talk about how that money was going to be divided and to talk about 524
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national guard in arizona within a month. i'm not here to say that's adequate. i don't goal is that mr. brennan was describing. as he left he said that his job now was to analyze what he taken from us, and then to come up with and i thought this was the good news, a plan for going after the problems on the border, going after the border crimes and having -- this is his words, met trix deliverable proud -- metr -- metrics deliverable proud as long the way. you are right it is a 30 year problem, 30 years of negligent by the government. issues of immigration and border security. we are are not going to solve it in a week or month it needs a long term solution. >> greta: metric deliverables is that the term? >> yeah >> greta: what in the world is
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that? whatever happened to like fence and stop. i mean, i had to write that one down. what in the world is that? how about fence and stop and do it and all those words? >> that stuck in my mind too. what he meant and what described it was, a set of objectives. a set of goals to be accomplished within a defined time plain. and to foe -- time plane and to focus on the real issue, the real border security issue. i've been doing this for a long time, i urged him to pay attention to the organized criminals operating the drug trade, human trade and the gun smuggling into mexico. these are incredibly well-organized, incredibly well financed and sophisticated, technological economies. i believe as united states, we've been working in the state of arizona to fight against them. now i hope it can become a
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national effort to go after these organized criminals and take 'em out. >> greta: with all due respect to mr. brennan. he needs to determine a set of goals, really? the goal should be secure the border if he wants ideas how about looking at where it has been successful, southern california, some corridors of arizona. is this really what the president sent -- you didn't find this appalling, as you tell me this, you are not appalled? >> no, i'm not. for this reason, there have been some successes, you are absolutely right. the toughest part of the board here in arizona 376 miles long. yuma sector has been secured. there is no motion that we are aware of through the yuma sector. tucson sector has been where half of the illegal drugs come into the united states and half of the individuals brought in illegally into the united states are moving. that's where the problem is. that's where he came to look and hear on the ground from
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people that are fighting. >> greta: if there's been success in the yuma sector, is there any reason that the -- what was use in the yuma sector captain be used in the tucson sector? >> no. >> greta: so then i don't get it. if we agree the yuma sector works. now we've got someone coming from the white house to look at gels and metric deliverables, whatever that is. trying to figure out what the problem is and what our goals are how about securing the border and looking at the yuma tech for that works and doing that in the tucson sector? i don't get it. >> let me try explain. the yuma sector is flat. near the marine airbase is an area covered by ground radar. it has been incredibly successful, a cap that -- a company manufacturing process in arizona has been able to detect and alert the border
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patrol anybody moving within the vicinity of the border. that works well. the part we are talking about now is some of the most rugged territory on earth. filled with canyons and mountains and rough desert. so the radar doesn't work as well. it is going to take a combination of technology and physical barriers. here's the real problem. when so many of the people here illegally come across with visas and legally the best fence, radar, best penetration is not going to be the total answer. we have -- >> greta: i agree, i understand. totally another problem. we have to cherry pick and solve what we can. totally agree people who come legally and over-stay visas is another category. i was focusing mainly on securing the border. i see you say the mountainous area in the tucson sector maybe it different than the yuma sector.
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now, let me ask you about -- >> let me make it very clear. the bottom line is, it is tough but not impossible. we need to focus on that here's why the problem is more difficult. the folks that are coming across the border these are not boy scouts or girl scouts these are armored convoys that are led by organized criminals call coyotes, organized by cartels sophisticated and well armed. to stop them, i believe, the focus should be on people that organize, go after the organized criminals who put together these convoys. if we can take them out, arrest them, put them in jail the border security becomes a simpler problem. >> greta: the convoys, they come across roads, they don't come across mountains, right? >> no, they come across -- [ talking over each other ] >> greta: they don't need the roads? >> they can find ways to get
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through the mountains, they have 24 hour surveillance on both sighs of the border. they know where the officers are, they use secure communications between their scouts. my point is this is a wiley and difficult enemy. we need to go after the organization. >> greta: mexico is another part of this. when you spoke to mr. brennan say the federal government intends to sue the state of arizona? did you tell him in your view the statute does not racially profile? >> greta: -- >> in our discussions, the people that were present at our discussions, including a gentleman from the justice department said they were not -- they did not have the information as to what the federal government was going to do in suing over 1070, so i don't have that information. i didn't raise the racial
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profiling issue, because i don't think that's the issue on the take. did say i thought all the legal relevant issues are being raised by litigants in the feel. i think they've raised every issue that you could about in particular piece of legislation. >> greta: attorney general, thank you sir, hope you will come back. i have a feeling this subject is not going away, thank you sir. >> it is not going away, thank you very much. >> greta: no secret, are -- arizona governor brewer has been tough with the president. it was just announced thursday morning president obama will make a speech about immigration reform go to and answer this poll question. is pressure from governor brewer the reason for president obama's decision today to give an immigration speech thursday? go to and vote. >> meet a democratic congresswoman who has a message for the president, do not sue my state.
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did we mention she is a democrat? >> president obama must be feeling some heat about illegal immigration he an unexpected meeting at the white house today. who went and what did the president say? we are going to find out from one of the [ male announcer ] this rock has never stood still. since our beginning, we've been there for clients through good times and bad, when our clients' needs changed we changed to meet them. through the years, when some lost their way, we led the way with new ideas for the financial challenges we knew would lie ahead. this rock has never stood still.
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. >> greta: some congressional democrats, hear that, democrats have a message for their democratic president obama. don't sue arizona. one is arizona congressman gabrielle gifford she joins us live. >> thanks for having me on. >> greta: first the question of boycotts. you have been quoted as saying there have been some agencies, departments or divisions that are part of a boycott of your state? >> i'm troubled by in. since 1070 passed i've been working with hotel lodging
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association talking about any group, a rock band, city, state or the federal government i'm telling them boycotts are misguided and often times hurt the people that they say they support. >> greta: is the federal government itself one of the boycotters? >> we have two instances from the department of education and homeland security. where meetings were planned, cancelled. the reason was because of immigration law. >> greta: when you call up your leadership and say what is going on here? the federal government is boycotting a state over a statute it hasn't bothered to challenge. they've not sued your state yet. you her the attorney general say who doesn't support the law he says there is no racial profiling. there is a question -- >> a lot of this is jump up on arizona. as a native, i resent this. i told those groups personally responsible they are damaging the economy of arizona. >> greta: agencies -- do you
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call those agencies or call the president? >> absolutely. >> greta: what do you hear? >> we haven't heard anything. working with those hotels we know the reason why those meetings were cancelled and it is wrong. i don't care which group it is. hardworking arizona slowly coming out of the economic crisis now. it is not fair tourism workers and folks that rent cars, people that have restaurants or gift shops were not responsible for passing the law. if you are angry take out your anger and resentment and the politicians not on the hardworking people. >> greta: have you -- obviously you heard that the government is going to sue the state. have you gotten indications this going to happen? >> i'm not sure i'm not an attorney. i represent the 8th district the most porous part of the border. i had unfortunate situation of my constituent tragically
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murdered on his ranch, all of my focus is on the border on the 240 plus thousand illegal immigrants appehended in the tucson sector last year. a million pounds of marijuana seized. for me it is more boots on the ground not more attorneys at the core house. >> greta: i take it you don't want justice department to sue your state? >> i don't. i want to focus on sewering the border. >> greta: were you at the meeting with mr. brennan? >> i was. >> greta: what are metric deliverables? washington speak? i had to take notes noon one. >> those meetings, the positive thing was to have the president's indirect ear with mr. brennan who is a top security adviser to the president and his team coming. >> greta: you say you had a top person. why not send former governor napolitano director of homeland security who knows
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the state probably as well as you do? why didn't he her? why re-- reinvent the wheel? why didn't he send her? >> she does know the problem. >> greta: why didn't he send her? >> i don't know. >> greta: why reinvent the wheel, her she knows the problem. >> with the obviously that is going to be under a joint jurisdiction. we wanted more guardsmen on the border we called for 3,000, 1200 was propped -- 250 to texas and california reminder going to new mexico. i'm grateful considering -- >> greta: grateful, why aren't you mad as hell that napolitano doesn't get there? >> we have additional border patrol, ice agents, 600 million dollars. >> greta: authorized?
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jeer working on it. -- >> we are working on it. >> greta: the 600 million is a contempt. >> it is a priority. again, we have been mistreat for so long. >> greta: i agree with you. >> our job is to help the hardworking men and women on the border who are out-gunned, out-resourced and out-manned. >> greta: 1 toj 10, 10 being the worse how serious a problem is illegal immigration in arizona? >> i would give it a nine. it is pretty horrendous. drug smuggling is a bigger problem. >> greta: councilman -- councilwoman, thank you, we'll ask you to come back. we'll walk the border maybe. >> sounds good. >> greta: politician ambushed
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and executed right on our border. ambassador bolton is next. who would have guessed this? we thought all wounds were healed. president obama versus a member of the clinton family. the question is which clinton? wait a few minutes to find [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid, youtube didn't exist. and facebook was still run out of a dorm room. when we built our first hybrid, more people had landlines than cell phones, and gas was $1.75 a gallon. and now, while other luxury carmakers are building their first hybrids, lexus hybrids have traveled 5.5 billion miles. and that's quite a head start. ♪
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>> greta: don't kid yourself. this matters to you because it is next door. yesterday a political assassination in mexico. major candidate for governor of a northern state in mexico expected to win in sunday was assassinated. his motorcade ambushed, his body riddled with bullets. chaos and fear is overwhelming. have we mentioned it enough here? this is our neighbor. joining us john bolton. ambassador, i don't know, everyday we read horrendous stories out of mexico. >> we've talked about this several times. this is as good a demonstration as you can get this is not the occasional drug smuggler who runs into a cop or has a little competition come too close. this is a systematic organized cartel, with deep pockets, not afraid to assassinate key political leaders in mexico. it may not be as bad as it got in colombia until president
1:23 am
uribe took power. it is getting to the point where you have to you ask are there not large chunks of mexico that are outside the power of the mexican government? >> greta: it is so bad. if you think about it, now taking apart -- they've murdered prosecutors, judges, a singer, they went to a rehab center the other day and took out 19, 14 the week before. political assassination of someone likely to be elected governor this sunday. police are corrupt so the military has been called in it is right on our border. i don't know what we can do or should do. how many red flags do we have to have? >> this should be convincing enough proof to everybody that concern about control over the border is not motivated by racism or something like that it is vote ed by a fear this chaos, this violence will
1:24 am
spill over. make no mistake we've had intelligence reports that terrorist groups like hezbollah, like al-qaeda have looked at the ability of our southern border and concluded they might be able to smuggle themselves and possibly weapons of mass says -- mass destruction through. i think is potentially much more significant. >> greta: it is deeply disturbing when this has gone on for 20 plus years. it is so -- politics, politics are supposed -- you are not supposed to make a decision about war colored by politics this this is war because it is a very dangerous situation on our border. i understand people want to fleet environment and come to our country and i don't want to see people suffer. but politics is so poisoned any progress in resolving this? >> i was in the justice department in 1986 in charge of ledge lay fairs when we
1:25 am
passed the 1986 immigration reform and control act that was supposed to solve the problem. control the border have employer sanctions to prevent hiring illegals and find a path to citizenship. the same things we are talking about now. that '86 act was supposed to fix the problem, it did little or nothing. >> greta:? >> because the draw of the -- the draw of the united states for economic immigrants is so huge there was no control over the border, employer sanctions failed. we can debate the same things over again. first get control of the border then decide what to do next. this idea of trying to put everything together in one grand bargain it didn't work in 1986, it is not going to solve the problem this time. >> greta: i want to ask about the g-20. your thoughts on what is going on vis-a-vis europe and the united states, the effort to
1:26 am
reduce this deficit worldwide? >> i think there's a huge gap between the principle economies in europe and their leadership and how they see trying to get the economies rolling again and president obama. interestingly, in the big economies germany, france, italy and britain, you have conservative governments. relatively conservative in the european sense that want to cut government spending, cut deficits want to get the budget under control. the opposite of president obama. ,qáw right in this circumstance and not the u.s. government. >> greta: they seemed to have reached a compromise. at least in the right direction. i don't know we accomplished -- >> it was meaningless. >> greta: that was sort of -- being a cynic. >> no. prime minister harper of canada wanted a success he wanted hard targets that would constrain government spending he sees it the same way as many of the european leaders do. president obama didn't want
1:27 am
that in tip -- typical international negotiation fashion they compromised on a set of targets that won't bite. cut the budget deficits in half by 2013. that's three years away. we've got a huge budget deficit you can cut it by half in three years it will still be huge. it is that excess government expenditure that is the drag on the economy now. if the government would sit in a corner, i think the economic recovery would proceed faster. >> greta: ambassador bolton, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: president obama must be feeling the heat. he a meeting in the white house today about illegal immigration. wouldn't you like to be the fly on the wall for that one? our next guest was at the meeting. >> when you heard that 16-year-old sailor abby er lynn was missing in an the indian ocean in a violent storm, think it could end well. tonight abby in her own words
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. >> greta: our next guest spent the afternoon at the white house. president obama had a meeting with the congressional hispanic caucus to talk about immigration. congressman gutierrez joins us.
1:31 am
good evening. >> good to be with you. >> greta: what was decided? >> president is going to give a speech this thursday at american university. he's going to speak about the need for comprehensive immigration reform in terms of the nation and his administration the steps they are going to be taking and the urgency of ing our immigration system. >> greta: there seems to be a divide about whether doing the emergency thing and securing the border and comprehensive immigration reform. do you have any objection to quickly doing what we can for the emergency situation and get going on the other? >> i think we should work on them simultaneously that's the only way we can secure america. i got to congress there were 5,000 border patrol agents now there are 20,000. more undocumented workers today than when i got to congress 18 years ago. tourists in washington, d.c. are not going home. their kids are graduating from college they are not going home. there are people that have --
1:32 am
they are not going home. tht cross that border. i want to end illegal immigration. >> greta: you might be able to get more votes for a comprehensive if you can wheel and deal people are concerned about doing the emergency first the border. any chance on that? >> look, the president is taking steps to secure the border. i don't think -- i think what we have is an immigration problem along our border. we also have a crime problem. now, when america ceases the thirst for drugs that cross that border, i think a lot of issues on the border -- >> greta: we might be able to drugs coming in if we secure the borders. >> there's a demand that exists in america. we should take joint responsibility for the problem. it is a border between mexico and the united states. there are people dying on the other side of the border. hundreds of people that have
1:33 am
died in the last year on the other side of the border combating those drug cartels. we should understand that occurs. >> greta: i'm trying to think what is the most efficient way -- i understand that people use drugs in this country. if we can try to cut off the source, to do what we can, if we quickly secure the border where a lot of these drugs are coming in that is going to have some impact in the short run. >> what i'm trying to do is say look you and i we travel, they swipe that passport, it says we just arrived in the united states, it says the time and you are greta and i'm luis how come when you get a job you can't swipe a card? >> greta: e-verify. >> according to the government with studies they've conducted flip a coin, you're not here illegally half the time it
1:34 am
gives you a false verification. it is true. >> greta: basically it is incompetent. >> here's what i'm saying. the social security card my grandfather got in the 30s, same my grandson got. can't we have a card with a magnetic strip and biometric information. if you hire somebody without using that swipe card you should go to jail. >> greta: i'm trying to think if the house is burning i want to quickly get out the hose and stop the fire. i think the border being open and insecure is the house burning down. housing code violations in the neighborhood, i think you are holding hostage the whole idea of putting out the fire by this other -- >> when i introduced comprehensive immigration reform, we introduced
1:35 am
bipartisan legislation, 800 pages, greta, if you took a look the first 600 pages are all about security on our border. >> greta: okay we go back -- >> first you have to wish. >> greta: i don't get that >> you have a border wouldn't you want to separate the ones that come as foreigners to do harm versus the ones that come for jobs? >> greta: i want to secure it so i can take a breath and figure out way got. >> here's what the past has told us, we continue to send agents and until we stop, what they are looking for what is jobs here in the united states of america, we are -- >> greta: i don't want to stop jobs in america. here's my thought, it is such a serious problem of quickly secure the border evaluate what our problem is. once we stop the fire from burning the house down. then we can see what the problem is and try to resolve
1:36 am
it. >> look, 1070 in arizona half the people that support it don't believe it is going to reduce crime and they are right. >> greta: that's a different issue. >> it is the same issue because they mix criminality with comprehensive immigration reform when they are two separate issues. >> greta: separate issue from our discussion. let's secure the border see what we got and try to fix the problem. >> i'm for securing that border. what would you have us do more than take 5,000 to 20,000 more border patrol agents? >> greta: you are able to secure the border in the yuma sector i can't believe we can't do it in the tucson sector. it may take more but we can do it. >> i will do whatever it takes to secure that border. greta, when i introduced the legislation, i'll bring you a copy, i swear to you the first 600 pages, border enforcement,
1:37 am
secure our country end illegal immigration as we know it. >> greta: all the other discussion delays -- >> i want a comprehensive approach. because my approach is going to end illegal immigration. >> greta: any way, we are out of time. you and i got a lot more to talk about on this >> can we? >> greta: always nice to see you. boycotting arizona is harder than it looks. several cities in california that passed boycotts are scrambling to make exceptions to their own boycott rules. joining us live steve moore. whatever happened to principle? l.a. was going to boycott arizona which the democratic attorney general says doesn't have racial profiling. any way, what happened? >> it hasn't worked because a lot of these cities are . you know the problems in california they can't balance their budget.
1:38 am
19 billion dollar deficit problem. that's at the state level, a lot of cities are broke the problem is, these ordinances came when they said you can't do business with companies that are in arizona. one of the ironies, a lot of companies boycotted are hispanic companies that doesn't do a lot to help. also it is raising the cost. a lot of companies in arizona that do business in california give california good deals. california can't afford to do this. >> greta: it is sort of an pauling that the l.a. city council with their grandstanding they were going to stand up for rights and they passed this boycott then they say never mind when they find out they need the cash. very dramatic boycott. nobody bothered to read the statute. they immediately jumped on it. now in their principled way they are ducking out they look like a bunch. phonies. >> a lot of law enforcement
1:39 am
equipment and things like that are made in arizona they discovered we need equipment to enforce the laws. it has not worked. i think you are going to see a lot of cities backtrack considerably. and they should. i don't have a problem, if individual americans have a problem with arizona did i don't have a problem with saying i'm not going to buy in that state. i have an objection to city governments -- by the way california -- >> greta: we just had a congresswoman here from the state of arizona who said two federal government vents that were scheduled for arizona which she believes was cancelled as a part of boycotting arizona. the president needs to step up about this. i realize he's going to speak thursday about immigration. the idea that arizona has a target on is back. and people aren't taking responsible.
1:40 am
politics are so overridden we read about the horrible things in mexico, horrible drug trade, horrible human rights violation people smuggled here illegally, all for political reasons and grandstanding and no one is taking responsible. >> i'm as pro immigration as there is, so important to the -- hardest working people we've got in this country. i think one of the problems because of our failure to secure that border, it is causing a very unfortunate backlash against immigration. we need to preserve our immigrant heritage, to question about it. let immigrants come in legallism because of the border so porous, a lot of people have a negative reaction in general. get if people would go online and read the newspapers, they will read about people who get smuggled into the country in trucks that are locked,
1:41 am
overheated they die 40 to a truck it is appalling! nobody is doing -- primarily no one is doing it for political reasons -- >> washington doesn't seem to be getting the message what the arizona people said. >> greta: i think -- we have a poll on gretawire. one of the reasons governor brewer is raying -- raising holy hell we'll see thursday. campaign flash red hot senate race in colorado setting up a battle between president obama and former president clinton. today president clinton endorsed andrew romanoff for the u.s. senate directly at odds with president obama who endorsed the incumbent senator bennett. could things get awkward on campaign trail? we will be watching. >> breaks news about a spy ring now a friend of the clintons is part of the story. >> remember 16-year-old abby
1:42 am
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and stay rewarded with the hit it big promotion-- earn up to five hundred dollars at over three hundred retailers. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a developing story in the gulf of mexico, where tropical storm alex became a hurricane a few hours ago. alex should track away from the oil spill and make landfall near the border between texas and
1:45 am
mexico on wednesday night. federal aid will be available. rough seas and high winds are forcing oil-skimming ships back to shore and scpoil gas rigs are being evacuated. supreme court nominee elena kaganerishs to the hot seat on wednesday morning for day 3 of her senate confirmation hearing, fielding tough questions from republican lawmakers, who grilled her about gun rights and her restriction to military men on campus, while dean of harvard law school. we return to "on the record" and we would like to congratulate the carolina gamecocks for winning the college world series. movie plot alleged russian spy ring busted in the united states. 11 people charged in the case. joining us live national reporter. what is in? >> something you wouldn't have
1:46 am
seen since the early days of the cold war. it is a ring of deep cover russian operatives put here as long as 20 years ago to infiltrate society. what is interesting is they were told not to get jobs in the government. so it is counter intuitive of your typical russian spy ring. they were supposed to get jobs in academia, the media and get to know people who would tell them secrets. >> greta: one of them it is being reported today one had some connection to someone -- i don't know close to the clintons. >> we confirmed that is correct. he's a prominent democratic fundraiser close to the clintons. he is convinced he was the target of cynthia murphy not her real name one of the alleged suspects who worked at a manhattan tax accounting firm and him as a client
1:47 am
supposedly ride to extract information from him. he claims they only talked about taxes and she never asked about politics. >> greta: there isn't any information he knew anything. he was just a democratic fundraiser for the childrens to. >> he's not in the government. >> greta: anything jeopardized at all? as far as we can tell? i know it is an unraveling investigation. any secrets disclosed? >> i don't think so. it is early in the case so you never totally know. we were told these people were instructed specifically not to seek out classified information so as to not attract attention that seems to put a limit on the extent of the damage. law enforcement still says this is a spectacular counterintelligence success.
1:48 am
they say these people were here as a network to be called on when russian intelligence needed them. >> greta: are they here legally or illegally? i hate to mix things. >> i know >> greta: i'm curious. >> i don't know, that's a good question. i'm not sure it is relevant because they claim to be u.s. citizens but they are russians. >> greta: the timing was awkward for the president. the president is trying to negotiate things at the g-20. >> right the russian prime minister has been here and they had a burger together in d.c. and talked about resetting relations. couple days later russia is accusing us of cold war-type of hypocrisy which they said today in arresting these folks. when the justice department wants to bring a case they are going to bring a case. >> greta: is the russian government denying this or admitting it or taking the
1:49 am
fifth? >> it is called the watergate nondenial, denial. they sort of did initially today they admitted several are russian it is sequence and -- russian citizens and they were in the u.s. from time to time, a lot of them lived here for years. both sides are saying they don't -- they hope it will not damage relations. >> greta: i shaofpb laugh, not a good start for resetting the table. thank you. >> thank you. next the best of the rest. abby sunderland was lost at sea. she is safe tonight, abby in her own words is next. >> senator al franken gets caught in an announcer: naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. 16-year-old american sail already abby sunderland made international headlines when she was lost at sea trying to sail solo around the world. after a frantic search she was found. now she is home and telling her story. >> very sad things didn't work out the way i had planned in the beginning. but, i have sailed 12,000 miles and i'm proud of my achievements. there's been times when i was terrified. i knew when i headed out for this trip, that i was gonna be testing myself. and i was gonna have to push myself to my limb -- limits. there was no mast, one inch stub left on deck. i was thinking if i get the boom on deck i could rig up
1:54 am
something but my boom snapped in half there was nothing left to jury-rig with. the more i sail, the more i like sailing. i'm not gonna stop for a minute. you can reduce risk but never completely eliminate it. i hope that i may have inspired some people. >> greta: elena kagan confirmation hearings serious business. potential for political fireworks, but can also be funny. check out kagan pulling a jerry seinfeld. >> christmas day bomber, where were you christmas day? >> senator graham that is an undecided legal issue, -- i suppose i should ask what you mean by that? i'm assuming the question you mean is whether a person who was apprehended in the united states is -- >> i just asked where were you at on christmas? [ laughing ]
1:55 am
>> you know like all jews i was probably at a chinese restaurant. >> great answer. [ laughing ] >> greta: apparently senator al franken thinks the hearings are a snooze. you can see in in video senator franken looks bored today. he found a way to occupy his time, he drew a very impressive doodle apparently of senator jeff sessions. remember senator franken, cameras are rolling all the time. a good artist. the best of the rest. still ahead, somehow the elena kagan hearings are connected to the oil disaster. stay tuned.
1:56 am
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this is a fox news alert. alex has become the first hurricane of the 2010 season. barreling towards mexico-texas border. land fall expected wednesday night. stay with fox news for the latest on this breaking news. and 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time. last call. and president obama may not be too happy with david letterman. >> and... president obama says opposition to kagan seems like
1:59 am
pretty thin gruel. and you know... if he wants thick gruel just go down to the gulf of mexico. hey! go to the gulf! that is where the tlig gruel is. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down skmochl congratulations to larry king. he's ending his show in the fall. he's taught me an awful a lot about the business and we wish him the best z a special programming note, jan brewer going on the record thursday night about the president's illegal immigration speech earlier in the day. make sure to follow us on and go to we just put up a vote z also, keep it here on fox news channel. o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington. go to greta vote in that poll now. see you tomorrow night.


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